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Please favorite on my dA too!

I decided to draw a…tribute to CaptainSparklez; or rather an event that occurred in one of his more recent videos. If you follow his Mianite series you would know in Tucker and Sonya’s new base they built a strip club - not completely sure why seeing as they are the only ones really allowed in there - but nonetheless they decided to have fun with it. 

So as you can already assume, someone volunteered as a dancer. 

I would personally give his dancing maybe a 6/10, sure his spin moves were impressive but his final execution was a bit sloppy. Oh another huge thing is that while on stage he ate a steak. I can get how some guys are into that, but that club is classy; no eating on stage. 

I guess in worked for him in the end though seeing as he was called in the back VIP rooms for…service~

Spoilers! He stripped.

Either way it was a fun ordeal and I enjoyed it, I also hope that he himself or anyone in the Mianite community gets to see this. I put 3 days of work into this, plus I am a full time college student :dead:

It would mean alot to me if he commented on the work or shared it/maybe used it as a thumbnail for a video *not sure how well that would work* but still anything of that matter would be highly appreciated.  

I prefer that the work only be used by CaptianSparklez or any of the officials from the Mianite community, but please give me credit for this if used elsewhere. Seriously, its rude to steal. 

Also, I am not sure how likely it is for him to see this, so if you can notify him by tweeting it to him or mentioning it *preferably dA link* I would highly appreciate it.

^^ Thank you and I hope you enjoy~

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